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Painting & Decorating Kit – 20 Piece

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Product Description:

Our 20 piece painting and decorating kit is ideal for beginners and new home owners, containing 20 high quality painting and preparation tools and sundries so you can decorate like a professional.

Our vast range of decorating products can be a little intimidating to beginners, so our staff have put together a starter decoring kit of 20 good quality, value for money painting and decorating tools and sundries. The majority of these products regularly used by professional decorators every day. The selection encompasses the most used tools and sundries that you’ll need for any interior painting and decorating project – to prepare and paint your interior walls like a pro!

The beginners painting walls set contains…


12 x 12ft polythene dust sheet
1 kg Prestonett quick drying powdered filler
1 Litre plastic mixing & paint kettle
3pc budget DIY scraper & filling knife site
3 x medium grade abrasive foam pads
PU grip painters gloves
Twist barrel caulking gun
Zwaluw Anti-Crack decorators caulk
9mm Slimline Metal Snap-off knife
Cutting in:

Blue Dolphin painters masking tape 1.5in x 50 meters
KIP delicate purple flatback masking tape 1in x 50 meters
2 inch Proform Blaze oval angled beavertail paint brush
1 Litre plastic mixing & paint kettle

9in x 1.75in screw-fit cage paint roller frame
2 x 9in Fossa MicroSilk medium pile paint roller sleeves
Fossa 12 Litre paint scuttle
Fossa 12 Litre 5-in-1 disposable scuttle liner set


Product Description

Painting & Decorating 20 Piece Kit

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