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Dandy Mini 6mm Paint Roller Cleaner

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Product Details:

  • The Dandy Paint Roller Cleaner can be used to clean both standard and corner mini rollers. Just slide the sleeve on and spin clean your rollers in as little as 60 seconds.
  • These tools will clean almost any type of paint including oil based glosses, undercoats and primers; acrylics; emulsions; polyurethanes or varnishes.
  • Spin, rinse and spin again and in as little as 60 seconds your roller is clean enough to use with another paint or colour or simply to put away.
  • No more running taps or hoses.
  • Reduce the amount of water and solvents you use.
  • Reduce environmental pollution by reducing the amount of paint etc you wash down the drain.
  • Recommended drill speeds 1500 – 2500rpm
  • Use with corded and cordless drills

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Dandy Mini 6mm Paint Roller Cleaner

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