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Harris Trade Roller Set 7 Pieces

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Product Details:
      • This Harris Trade 7 Piece Roller and Brush set contains micropoly emulsion roller sleeves, cage frame, fine tipped paint brushes and a sturdy deep ridge roller tray. Everything you need for an indoor painting project. Roller sleeves provide even coverage on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces, such as pre-painted, freshly plastered or lined walls, whilst the high specification brushes provide for steady paint release and no brushmarks.

        • Comes with 1x 9″ roller tray, 1x 9″ roller frame, 2x 9″ roller sleeves, 1x 1.5″ paint brush and 2x 2″ paint brushes
        • Roller frame is compatible with Harris Trade extension poles
        • Suitable for Solvent & water-based paints
        • Rinse roller sleeve before use. If used with water based paints, clean after use with warm water. If used with solvent based paints, clean after use with white spirit. Allow to dry

Product Description

    • High specification, fine-tipped synthetic filament brushes help ensure a smooth finish with minimal brush marks (tramlines)
    • Emulsion sleeves are enhanced micropoly fabric for optimum paint absorption and lay-off with minimal splatter
    • Strong 5 wire cage frame with comfort grip handle – keeps the sleeve on the frame securely. Compatible with a screw-fit extension pole
    • Sturdy paint tray with deep ridge roll-off area for better paint distribution – less wasted paint

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