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Paint Roller Pro Professional Heavy Duty & Roller Cover Large And Small


Product Details:

  • DolphinRoller 25cm
  • DolphinRoller (MINI) 10cm
  • DolphinFlexi (MINI) 10cm


  • 30% Faster – Innovative superfine fabric. Picks-up and releases more paint. Shedless knit technology (roller covers)
  • 30 Savings – Does not have a built-in & complicated mechanism for easy rolling. Polypropylene tube resistant to solvents. Fabric retains all features after multiple uses. Bevelled edges eliminate paint marks (roller covers)
  • 30 Years WARRANTY – Super strong nylon cage with bearings for smooth rolling. Quick release spring prevents slippage. Chrome-plated shrank prevents rusting. Ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Roller Covers made in EU- Innovative fabric. Excellent coverage with one coat (paint saving). Picks-up and releases more paint- longers lasting painting


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