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15 Inch Floor Paint Roller Kit

Original price was: £49.99.Current price is: £29.72.

Product Description:

15 inch Professional Floor Paint Roller Kit, is a economic set of tools suitable for commercial floor painting projects. It contains all the basic roller bits and pieces you need at a heavily discounted price compared to buying them separately. Kit includes:

1 x Heavy Duty 15 inch Push-fit Cast Aluminium Paint Roller Frame (spindle/split-pin type).
1 x 15 inch Blue Stripe Solvent-resistant Nylon Floor Coating Roller Refill / Sleeve.
1 x Extra Large 25 Litre Plastic Paint Scuttle.
1 x 48 inch Wooden Broom Handle with Self-tapping screw to secure to frame.
You can also buy extra 15 inch Blue Stripe Nylon Medium Pile Paint Roller Refills and spare split pin’s.

Our 15 inch Professional Floor Paint Roller Kit is available as a single kit, or 3 kits at an even better discount.


Product Description

Floor Paint Roller Kit

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